We are not looking for new team members right now!

Forgotten Key is a game studio that focus on creative and atmospheric games, and most of them are adventures into new unknown and fantastic worlds.

At the moment we aren’t hiring. Feel free to send in an application anyway if you feel so inclined, we do read them, but we can’t promise that we will answer everyone as we are very busy right now.


We are a growing family of developers who have fun exploring the game medium together. Our office is located in Karlshamn right next to the sea, right on top of a white guide listed lunch restaurant. We have the renowned Brädspelskaféet (Board game café) in town, and everyone on the team are granted access to their full library of games for free. To top it all off, we also have a newly built traditional kallbadhus (literally: “cold bath house”, includes a sauna) just a few hundred meters from the office building.

Speak to you soon <3